Linee Adattive

#Adaptive lines for flexible production, reducing setup times: to manage make to order and one-piece flow

We understand the challenges of the 4.0 market: this is why we make every possible variation to your production process faster, more agile, and customizable. Meet the demands of your customers by using new product configurations, all in a single line.

#Cloud solutions for production control and access to data in real time

Timing, downtimes, number of pieces, compliance: you can monitor every step of the entire process and manage each individual stage via an easy to use cloud interface. To have your parameters at hand, wherever you are.

#Automated logistics with robots and shuttles for an effective, streamlined and optimized production chain

Time is the most precious resource: we help you to save time with machines that deliver components to every point of your production chain. Choose the technology that shortens the distance to your next success.

Postazioni ergonomiche

#Ergonomic workstations and simple interfaces for operator comfort and safety

We place machines at the service of people, not the other way round. The workstation interfaces communicate with both you and your operators: settings, lights and command instructions are all adjusted according to the user. All you need to do is login.

#Software solutions to connect the line with your factory system and make the automatic programming of robots easier

We give new fluidity to your production environment: the configuration of customized databases allows robots to access the codes necessary for self-parameterization, without the constant intervention of the operator.

#Virtual reality: you can see your line even before it is built. The vision needed to understand each project.

An immersive, tangible experience that allows you to see the future with your own eyes. Our VR viewers project the solutions designed specifically for you and bring your expectations to life in a space you know well: the one of your company.

#Additive manufacturing: the ultra-flexible technology that allows you to produce functional components for your business in-house and in a very short time.

You can create new features for your products, work on the details extremely quickly and without needing to consult third parties, thereby optimizing resources. Our additive manufacturing technologies mean that you already have what you need.

#Development of smart interfaces to bring quality and simplicity and to reduce the margin of error.

The Novotic interface system also contributes to the well-being of your team through the stress-free management of each task. It allows your operators to work independently on new processes, diversify activities and multiplies the benefits.

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