Novotic is located within the Mechatronics Hub in Rovereto. The energy used is produced by photovoltaic systems installed on the modules, rainwater is collected and reused. The structure meets high sustainability criteria and is easily accessible by employees by public transport (trains, buses) and also by bicycle.

The components for the construction of our automations are almost completely recyclable at the end of their life and the placement of historic suppliers near the company headquarters allows for a reduction in CO2 emissions.


Novotic undertook a journey in 2023 to evaluate the social impact on its employees, in order to create an inclusive and well-being working environment.

The offices have been designed to respond to workplace health and safety regulations, employees enjoy various benefits including flexible hours, which allows for greater work/family conciliation.

In 2024, a company welfare regulation will be signed with workers.

Special attention is also paid to the design of automations created for customers, through the use of easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces and with ergonomic workstations designed for the well-being of users.


Novotic is working to improve this aspect, which is at a critical moment given that the property is in the hands of a single shareholder.

In the coming months, a consultancy process will be undertaken with Cerved for the development of ESG ratings, which will allow us to understand what our strengths and shortcomings are.

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